Salasar Darshan Live … !!!

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On one Saturday of Shravana shukla Navami samvat 1811 (1754 AD), a miracle happened. A Ginthala Jat farmer of Asota village was ploughing his field when all of sudden the plough was hit by a stony thing and a resonating sound was created. He dug up the soil of that place and found an idol covered with sand.His wife reached there with his lunch. The farmer showed the idol to his wife. She cleaned up the idol with her saree. The idol was that of Balaji i.e. Hanuman. And so Salasar Balaji Idol was discovered. Hence Saturday holds a special meaning for Salasar Balaji. Worshiping him on saturday therefore is considered highly auspicious. Now irrespective of where you are,you can worship him sitting at home. Get the blessings yourself with this LIVE darshan of Salasar Balaji...

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